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Malbork - one day is not enough

The town of Malbork, best known for having the largest Gothic castle in the world, now has a new face. In 2009 the heart of the town was renewed. With projects such as the Malbork Welcome Centre, a new public space has come into being on the main Kościuszki Street in the centre of Malbork After the opening of the Welcome Centre, work began on a pedestrian precinct, a "town furniture" project, and a Town Information System.
The pedestrian precinct has become not only a meeting place for the town's residents, but also a venue for exhibitions, parades, street theatre and fairs, which add interest to everyone's stay in the town. Also with this is mind, the access routes to Malbork Castle have been rebuilt - two new roundabouts give easier access to the attraction and to the town centre. The main streets have been decorated with new streetlamps, made in the style of those which formerly existed in Malbork. These carry flags with the old coats of arms of the kings of Poland and of noble families. During cultural events the town's promotional flags are hung out, with its logo and coat of arms. Coach parks have been built next to the new road sections, to give tourists easier access to the castle, and also to improve pedestrian and vehicle traffic in the town centre. Work is also currently under way on rebuilding the environs of the historic rail station, which from the 2010 summer season will delight residents and visiting tourists with a new, well-kept appearance.
On the precinct in the centre is a square with water features laid out in the shape of a knight's sword and shield, alluding to the history of Malbork, and also serving as a meeting place for the town's residents. Fountain shows with light and music take place every day during the tourist season, and at weekends visitors can also listen to brief historical presentations accompanied by the fountain shows. They then have the opportunity to see the water square and the charming precinct, and also to get photographs of themselves next to the newly built 1:30 scale model of Malbork Castle, situated next to one of the coach parks. This is an ideal place to take a souvenir photograph encompassing the whole fortress from a short distance. Another new product is the modern covered ice-rink close to the centre, one of the services offered to promote the town. Alongside the ice-rink is a climbing wall for young people, and a complex of sports pitches. The town's bathing place now offers a new beach volleyball area, and a private investor has built one of the largest ropes courses in Poland. A project is also under way to develop the embankments along the Nogat, including a yachting marina, and to develop the North Park, where in the future a recreation centre and aquapark will be built.
In cooperation with the Castle Museum, a project has also been initiated to develop the von Plauen embankments near the castle. A modern open-air show venue has obtained funding from the Province of Pomerania's Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013. This year the place will become a centre for cultural events, not only those of a historical nature, and the creation of suitable technical infrastructure and commercial facilities will make it possible to put on major public events such as concerts, exhibitions, and musical and theatrical performances. Such events include the now famous Siege of Malbork re-enactment, as well as the new and equally spectacular event called Magic Malbork.
Another new product will be a promotional melody to be associated with the town, for which Malbork Welcome Centre announced a competition in 2009. A melody has been specially composed for the dancing fountain, and also serves as the background music for some new promotional spots for Malbork, which can be viewed (among other places) at

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